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Kyungwoo Chun – The Weight / Kyungwoo CHUN

Kyungwoo CHUN’s ‘blurry images created by the continuous long exposure’ are now officially recognized by the international contemporary art world as his exclusive and unique style. It is so not just in terms of methodology but also in the form and image of the artworks. The artist basically invented a creation style of image by condensing time. He has blended in various subjects he wishes to speak out in this style and presented them in photographs, videos and sometimes as performances. In that sense, Kyungwoo CHUN’s photographic methods are a style and a kind of platform. Subjects like the identity issue of actors, characters and the essence of editors, physical interactions overcoming language barriers speak to us through this platform. A monography specially published by The Museum of Photography, Seoul in collaboration with Van Zoetendaal Publishers. 2020/2021.

2 different covers!

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  • Year 2020/2021
  • Size 21,7x28,6
  • Colour FC
  • Binding Korean binding / Korean folding
  • Pages 88
  • Text Park Ju Seok
  • Concept CHUN/Van Zoetendaal
  • Design Willem van Zoetendaal
  • ISBN 978-90-72532-50-3
Order Book Paperback @ €39.00
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