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No Mundo Maravilhoso do Futebol / Julian Germain, Murilo Godoy, Patriciazevedo

‘Photography, stripped down to it’s essentials, is actually a simple and generous medium. The act of pressing the shutter is so easy, yet the fleeting moment that is recorded on film may provide endless fascination and be a beautiful, complex and emotive social document. The idea therefore, was to equip favela children with cheap ‘point and shoot’ cameras with flash and colour film, and to encourage them to use photography to express their feelings and explore the relationship between football and their community.’

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  • Year 1998
  • Size 20.5x27.5
  • Colour Full colour
  • Binding Hard cover
  • Pages 120
  • Concept Julian Germain, Murilo Godoy, Patriciazevedo
  • Design Willem van Zoetendaal
  • ISBN 90 75574 12 6

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