Van Zoetendaal Publishers

October 25, 2013

Indrek Sirkel and Anu Vahtra


Only too often, I make the same mistake by believing I need to live like a hermit, isolated from all influences from others, in order to create my books and whatever else I feel the need to make. Once again I’ve been proven wrong. During a seminar on art books recently at the Academy of Fine Arts section of the University of Arts in Helsinki, I had the privilege to witness the knowledge sharing that took place between students and teachers, and to hear the many guest lectures given by (to name but a few) Indrek Sirkel and Anu Vahtra – who have started their own publishing company in Estonia – and Max Schumann of Printed Matter NY. What an inspiration these individuals were to me. At the same time I was also able to get a glimpse of the fascinating new publications emerging from Estonia, by recent graduates, publishers and book dealers (and many more). Book binders and printers were astonished at how impressive and original works could be created just by using simple resources at hand such as left-over paper. Yes, there’s no doubt about it – Estonia swings!