Van Zoetendaal Publishers

October 25, 2013



A book I can’t ignore, even though you can’t really class it as a photo book, is the one by Sigrid Calon. I first came across it at the recent meeting in the Stedelijk Museum for Best Dutch Book Designs. Sigrid spent three weeks printing the whole book on a stencil machine. The images are of abstract patterns in bright, full colours. I refer to them as a kind of air grate or radiator. The variations in the basic system that she has thought up are extremely diverse; when you open the book up, you feel as though the images could just float off the pages. A book as an experience, an art book, an artist’s book, a dynamic explosion of a book. Circulation 450, format 21 x 16 cm with a dust jacket, around 280 pages including transparencies, Swiss binding (open spine) 75 euros, signed edition on request. A wonderful book. And the Jan van Eyck Academie is a truly inspirational place for artists who want to PRINT.