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Wij zijn 17 / Johan van der Keuken

Johan van der Keuken’s career as a documentary film-maker, author, and photographer spanned four decades, until his passing in 2001. Based in Amsterdam, he addressed many topics in his work. First published in 1955, ‘Wij Zijn 17’ is a book of photos of his friends and classmates, taken by him when he was seventeen. These portraits of post-war Dutch teenagers address the intangible theme of youth in a touching and personal way. The sixth edition of the book (Japanese/English) has been produced in Japan on Vent Nouveau Paper (Takeo), printed in duo tone (digital imaging Harold Strak) by Tosho Printing. The reprint of the book, an initiative of Yusuke Nakajima (POST/limArt co., ltd) has been published by Foci Press supported by Van Zoetendaal.

  • Year 1955/2015
  • Size 16 x 24 cm
  • Colour duo tone
  • Binding paperback with obi
  • Pages 64
  • Text Simon Carmiggelt
  • Concept Johan van der Keuken
  • Design Johan van der Keuken, Willem van Zoetendaal, Yoshihisa Tanaka
  • ISBN 9784990717391

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